Ross stays steady, takes two stroke lead at Texas Senior Open

    In a day that saw several golfers get blown wildly off course, John Ross stayed consistent throughout Thursday's second round of the Texas Senior Open at Victoria Country Club.

    Ross, of Bramwell, W.V. sank four birdies after opening the day with a bogie for his second straight round of 3-under 69 to take a two stroke lead over Ben Sauls, who shot an even-par 72 on the second day to hold at 4-under for the tournament.

    Ron Schroeder, who led after the first round after shooting a 5-under 67, fell back to fourth place after shooting a 3-over 75 on Thursday. He trails Ross, Sauls and Jim Chancey, who shot even par after a 70 on Wednesday to at 2-under.

    Chancey, Sauls and Ross will tee off together at 9:40 a.m. from Hole 1.

    Former PGA Championship winner had a bad day on the course, shooting a 78 on Thursday to fall back. He will tee off at 8:40 a.m. from Hole 1 with last year's Texas Senior Open champion David Rummells, who shot a 75 on Thursday, and local amateur Mark Spivey.

    Houston pro David Lundstrom is also in contentiona fter shooting a 2-over 74 of Thursday, good enough to keep him hear the top and in fifth place. He'll tee off at 9:30 a.m. from Hole 1 with Schroeder and Carl Cooper of Humble, who bounced back from a 5-over round on Wednesday to shoot a 4-under 68 on Thursday and get back into contention.

    Texas Senior Open 2012

    Second Round Scores

    John Ross, Bramwell, W.V. 69-69-138

    Ben Sauls, Austin 68-72-140

    Jim Chancey, Pembroke, Ga. 70-72-142

    Ron Schroeder, Montgomery 67-75-142

    David Lundstrom, Houston 70-74-144

    Carl Cooper, Humble 77-68-145

    Robert Thompson, Huntsville 72-73-145

    Terry Snodgrass, Arlington 71-74-145

    John Adams, Paris 73-73-146

    Steve Jurgensen, Pearland 73-73-146

    David Ogrin, New Braunfels 71-75-146

    Karl Narro, Houston 73-74-147

    Timothy Matthews, Scotts, Mich. 73-74-147

    Javier Sanchez, Fayetteville, Ga. 71-76-147

    Billy Sitton, Houston 72-76-148

    Robert Niger, El Dorado Hills, Calif. 69-79-148

    Garry Antunes, Henderson 76-73-149

    Ronnie Black, Tucson, Ariz. 74-75-149

    Mark Brooks, Fort Worth 71-78-149

    Mark Spivey, Victoria, (a) 73-77-150

    Dave Rummells, Kissimmee, Fla. 76-75-151

    David Faulkner, Humble 73-79-152

    Joe Clark, Jr., Holderness, N.H. 80-73-153

    Graham Gunn, Kanata, Can. 77-76-153

    Albert Crews, Homer, La. 76-77-153

    Henry Cagigal, Fort Worth 75-78-153

    Wayne Wright, Fort Worth 72-81-153

    Danny Edwards, Scottsdale, Ariz. 72-81-153

    Chuck Moran, Houston 76-78-154

    David Narveson, Simonton 72-82-154

    Steve Parker, Houston 79-76-155

    Marshall Gavre, Fairfield, Iowa 77-78-155

    Aurelio Marcias, Houston 77-78-155

    Rick Dewitt, Arvada, Col. 75-80-155

    Barry Conser, Phoenix, Ariz 72-83-155

    Steve Geisler, Lexington, Ky. 76-80-156

    Les ONeal, Denham Springs, La., (a) 80-77-157

    Carl Baker, Sugar Land 79-78-157

    Daniel Raiford, Carrollton 78-79-157

    Mike Weaver, Webster 80-78-158

    Paul Reed, Houston 79-79-158

    Claude Bridges, Victoria (a) 82-77-159

    Brian Vella, Peoria, Ariz 80-79-159

    Shaun McDonald, Seminole 74-85-159

    Bill Harvey, Albuquerque, N.N. 78-82-160

    Jimmy Risinger, San Antonio 86-75-161

    Steven Russell, Amarillo 79-82-161

    Scott Hazledine, Austin 79-82-161

    Bruce Gilcrease, Denham Springs, La., (a), 77-84-161

    Greg Woodhouse, Thornton, Col. 87-75-162

    Billy Storms, Corpus Christi 82-80-162

    Todd Riddle, Missouri City, (a), 83-80-163

    Marc Napier, Dickinson 80-83-163

    Bill Ashley, Lubbock 79-84-163

    Rick Beckham, Ennis (a) 82-82-164

    Wil Dees, Baton Rouge, La., (a) 79-85-164

    Michael Juneau, Arlington 86-79-165

    Michael Jones, Richardson 84-82-166

    Ray Lease, Dickinson 84-82-166

    Alan Elliott, Victoria, (a) 86-83-169

    Kerry Lamb, Port Neches 81-88-169

    Rob Paolino, Forney 85-86-171

    John Castillo, Midland (a) 90-82-172

    David Branham, Sr., Humble (a) 83-89-172

    Jim Pogue, Alpine 85-90-175

    Cal Eller, Missouri City (a), 87-89-176

    David Gray, Henderson 85-91-176

    Pairings for Friday's final round

    (Time, hole, group)

    8:00 AM 1 »Steve Parker, Marshall Gavre, Aurelio Marcias

    8:00 AM 10 »Rick Dewitt, Barry Conser, Steve Geisler

    8:10 AM 1 »Danny Edwards, Chuck Moran, David Narveson

    8:10 AM 10 »Les ONeal (a), Carl Baker, Daniel Raiford

    8:20 AM 1 »Albert Crews, Henry Cagigal, Wayne Wright

    8:20 AM 10 »Mike Weaver, Paul Reed, Claude Bridges (a)

    8:30 AM 1 »David Faulkner, Joe Clark, Jr., Graham Gunn

    8:30 AM 10 »Brian Vella, Shaun McDonald, Bill Harvey

    8:40 AM 1 »Mark Brooks, Mark Spivey (a), Dave Rummells

    8:40 AM 10 »Jimmy Risinger, Steven Russell, Scott Hazledine

    8:50 AM 1 »Robert Niger, Garry Antunes, Ronnie Black

    8:50 AM 10 »Bruce Gilcrease (a), Greg Woodhouse, Billy Storms

    9:00 AM 1 »Timothy Matthews, Javier Sanchez, Billy Sitton

    9:00 AM 10 »Todd Riddle (a), Marc Napier, Bill Ashley

    9:10 AM 1 »Steve Jurgensen, David Ogrin, Karl Narro

    9:10 AM 10 »Rick Beckham (a), Wil Dees (a), Michael Juneau

    9:20 AM 1 »Robert Thompson, Terry Snodgrass, John Adams

    9:20 AM 10 »Michael Jones, Ray Lease, Alan Elliott (a)

    9:30 AM 1 »Ron Schroeder, David Lundstrom, Carl Cooper

    9:30 AM 10 »Kerry Lamb, Rob Paolino, John Castillo (a)

    9:40 AM 1 »John Ross, Ben Sauls, Jim Chancey

    9:40 AM 10 »David Branham, Sr. (a), David Gray

    9:50 AM 10 »Cal Eller (a), Jim Pogue

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