Master Naturalists: Hummingbird event offers tours, programs, education

    Rockport is known world-wide as the jumping-off point for Eastern U.S. hummingbirds in their annual fall migration south and then across the Gulf of Mexico.

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    Master Naturalists: Plan for cooler weather activities

    In 1964, when Paul was in Marine boot camp, his family took an August vacation to the Rio Grande Valley. His dad, as usual, took lots of slides. Paul saw them on his boot leave. Each slide's commentary was preceded by a chorus of "Boy, was it hot," from his brothers.

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    Master Naturalists: Cicada Killer Wasps Big But Docile

    For us, one of the signature sounds for hot summer weather in Texas has always been the cicadas singing in the trees in our backyards.

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    1 dead, 2 rescued after boat sinks in Copano Bay

    A 51-year-old man died Sunday morning after his boat sunk in Copano Bay, just north of Rockport.

    Master Naturalists: Harvesting mesquite trunks for science

    Many folks have heard about archeologists reporting how old artifacts are by taking charcoal found at the same layer of an undisturbed dig and doing an analysis called carbon-14 dating.

    Crossroads Weekly Fishing Report

    NORTH SABINE: Trout are fair to good in the middle of the lake over rafts of shad. Redfish are fair on jigs tipped with shrimp around marsh drains. Some birds have worked over trout.

    Master Naturalists: White-wing dove is migrant, immigrant and urbanite

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as well as Texas Parks and Wildlife classify the white-winged dove as upland migratory game birds.

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    Master Naturalists: Turkey vultures are beneficial birds

    You see them on power poles, in trees and along the sides of roads scavenging and eating road kill. There is no mistaking this bird with any other. About 2 feet in length, adults weigh in around four pounds with warty, red, featherless heads, long, creamy hooked beaks and grayish-brown eyes.

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    Fourth endangered sea turtle nest found on Matagorda Island

    Matagorda Island volunteers are extending their turtle patrol season by six days after a fourth Kemp's ridley sea turtle nest was found Tuesday.

    Crossroads weekly fishing report

    Redfish are good under rafts of shad on Gulps.

    Father's Day on the river (w/video, gallery)

    SAN MARCOS - By midnight Saturday, Charlie and Coy Kouba will have completed 15 hours of the Texas Water Safari and will be another 75 hours away from finishing the toughest endurance test either has undertaken.

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    Day One: Unfinished business, clear lead at Texas Water Safari (w/gallery)

    SAN MARCOS - A Port Lavaca man's silver, aluminum boat was enlisted Saturday for the Texas Water Safari, but he didn't compete.

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