Master Naturalists: Late freezes stress spring migration hummers

    Spring migration of hummingbirds is in full swing across North America. Victorians in the hummers' eastern flyway saw their first migrating ruby-throated hummers about mid-March.

    Master Naturalists: Protecting colonial waterbird nesting places

    Spring is here; coastal bay and estuary temperatures are above 60 degrees.

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    World's fastest woman on a motorcycle returns to Texas Mile (w/gallery)

    BEEVILLE - Jennifer Robertson is the fastest woman on a motorcycle in the world, but she could be even faster.

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    53rd annual Wild Game Tournament Final Results

    53rd annual Wild Game Tournament Final Results

    First Annual Hickory Stick Open results

    First Annual Hickory Stick Open

    Owner of more than 17,000 wooden clubs plays in Hickory Stick Golf Tournament

    If you have an antique, wooden club that you would like to know the history of, Max Hill is your guy.

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    Master Naturalists: In the animal world, the hunter becomes the hunted

    If you have ever night-hunted for flounder on coastal bay flats or in the Laguna Madre, as Paul did in his youth, another hunter - flat needlefish - is a familiar sight, flashing silver near the water's surface.

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    Master Naturalists: Learning and enjoying native plants

    Learning about native plants in Mary's family meant learning about blooming plants. Mother most enjoyed pansies. After pansies piqued Mary's interest, she turned more to wildflowers.

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    Master Naturalists: Nutsedge a weed with long history of consumption

    Is nutsedge a nasty weed or an ancient Egyptian aristocratic delicacy? The answer to the question is both.

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    Emergency order not good for farmers, bay

    I fondly remember the cover story of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine in July 2002. The photo rendered a stunning, flowing stream with a bold font reading, "The State of Water."

    Master Naturalists: Taking a Levy walk to find cheese

    Whether it's a bee, a coyote, a hummingbird, a teenager in a mall or a guy in a hardware store, each hunts, searching for prey. If they know where prey is, each will go there straightaway.

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    Master Naturalists: Christmas presents for the critters in your yard

    Pop was right - the best Christmas presents last all year. What should your gifts be for your yard/habitat? You can help wildlife by caring for them when the weather's cold and food sources are scarce and also by preparing for their needs for next year.

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    Full moon has hindered duck movement

    Rest Texas coastal ponds, prairies and marshes for 14 days, throw in an Arctic cold front and watch the ducks appear. Open the second split of duck season on a full moon and watch ducks sit for most of the morning.

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    West senior brings love of wakeboarding to Victoria (w/video)

    Blake Daniel comes from a flipping family.

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    Master Naturalists: Not your 'usual' hummingbird

    A buff-bellied hummingbird (once known as fawn-bellied) visits our feeders daily this winter. One feeder hangs just outside our kitchen window. We're enjoying watching him and learning more about Amazilia yucatanensis (his species).

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