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    Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry

    Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, ...

    Sports With Kels

    Who enjoys rivalries?

    Rivalries are fun to watch. There are rivalries between sports teams, schools and even families. Rivalries can happen because one person or school believes they are better than another school. I've always considered my younger brother my rival. Sad, but true. But as I got older, I realized I wanted ...

    The Mitchell Report

    Football games may be over, but there's plenty going on

    When the blue, white and green confetti fell over MetLife Stadium after Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday night, football season officially came to an end. Or did it? (Hint: It didn’t.) The casual sports fan may be content to get into basketball or baseball (the first pitchers and catchers reported to ...

    Sports With Kels

    Better competition through new UIL alignment

    Some people might be upset with the upcoming UIL alignment scheduled to be implemented for the 2014-2016 school year when it comes to football and other sports. For local teams, they could be upset about traveling to games. Victoria East, West and Calhoun will have to travel an hour or ...

    Sports With Kels

    BLOG: To pay college athletes?

    Northwestern may have opened a can of worms for the NCAA. Tuesday, members of the Northwestern football team announced they intend to unionize themselves and be seen as public employees. Long story short, they could be paid in the near future. This is a new strategy, one the NCAA explained ...

    The Mitchell Report

    BLOG: Picking Sunday's NFL conference championship games

    Is it me or does it seem these NFL playoffs have been nothing except for pure excitement? Every game has been intriguing, exciting to watch and close at one point or another. You have San Francisco kicking a game-winning field goal as time expired against the Green Bay Packers on ...

    Sports With Kels

    BLOG: Another Baseball Player Loses a Fan

    Saturday, M.L.B. got its man in Alex Rodriguez. Instead of the 211 game suspension initially given to the 14 time All-Star, it was reduced to 162 games. Basically, baseball got its wish as Rodriguez will miss the 2014 season. Sure, Rodriguez could challenge the suspension, but it seems unlikely higher ...

    Sports With Kels

    BLOG: Close to Football

    Basketball has been a favorite sport of mine for many reasons. More games are played, but in football, more punishment is taken. Basketball is fast paced and multiple players can make an impact. Most importantly, to the average spectator, basketball is easy to follow. I've partly enjoyed basketball because in ...

    The Mitchell Report

    BLOG: My favorite moments of the BCS era

    BY TAYLOR MITCHELL We’ve been clamoring for it for years and the time has finally arrived. A college football playoff is finally here. Personally, I’m excited for it. It’s not that I hated the BCS – it provided plenty of intrigue and great match ups – but after going to ...


    BLOG: A running maniac

    Becoming a runner has kind of made me a maniac. And I couldn't be happier. In the final two hours of 2013, I tallied up my miles from the year for an End-Of-Year blog. In 2013, I had run 598.43 miles, four 5Ks, one 10K, two 5-milers, two half-marathons and ...


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