Put a rest on the hex

    Imagine coming out of an ugly divorce you didn’t instigate, finally getting up the nerve to date again and meeting a great woman who asks you to take her out the restaurant that was the favorite of you and your ex-spouse.

    That awkwardness is what the Hex Rally felt like when I got the email and saw the Facebook updates.

    For those that don’t know, the rally is a University of Texas tradition that was held the week of the Texas A&M game.

    The tradition dated back to 1941 when UT was looking to win its first game in College Station in 18 years. UT students consulted Madam Agusta Hipple, a local fortune teller. She instructed the students to burn red candles to put a hex on the Aggies.

    I have wonderful memories of attending the event with friends before they went off for Thanksgiving and leaving with red candle wax all over my fingers.
    Putting a hex on Texas A&M is easy. TCU isn’t. Part of it is that the Longhorns and Horned Frogs have played only once since the Southwest Conference broke up and a lot of UT fans and young Texas Exes, myself included, don’t really see TCU as a viable rival like Oklahoma is or the Aggies were.

    Traditions are great and having more events to attend are great for campus life, but having a half-assed attempt to hex TCU and Texas Tech next year doesn’t do the story or the school justice.

    The good news for UT fans, the Longhorns will host the Aggies on Aug. 31, 2013 at DKR.

    That should be a big win, after all, UT has owned New Mexico State.

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