Sporting lessons can be found in occasional trip to the woodshed

    A girls basketball game in Indiana Tuesday night wound up with one team winning 107-2. The losing team didn’t make a single field goal as it lost its 23rd straight game.

    Bloomington South’s lopsided win over Arlington aroused the sensibilities of some at the Indiana High School Athletic Association.

    In an interview with Indianapolis-based television station RTV6, Bobby Cox, the commissioner for the IHSAA, called the outcome of the game an "unfortunate occurrence" and added that there will be discussion about implementing a mercy rule.

    "Any time you have a game that ends up 107-2, it's not a good situation from an educational-based athletic perspective," Cox said. "I don't think the school that wins by 105 points is actually gaining anything, and I certainly don't believe that the school that's being defeated by that large margin is gaining anything."

    One could argue that. But, this is varsity sports. The lessons learned on the court are not always good ones.

    Tuesday night Victoria East (8-6) won its fifth straight basketball game. The Lady Titans are playing some of their best defense of the season. Head coach Yulonda Wimbish-North credited her team for not “going in the tank” after a slew of early season losses.

    One of those losses was an 85-16 demolition at the hands of Duncanville on Nov. 16.

    In that contest East trailed 56-10 at halftime. The Lady Titans shot 19 percent from the field and committed 40 turnovers. They didn’t score a single point in the second or fourth quarter.

    East’s six losses are twice as many as last year, when the Lady Titans made the Class 4A state tournament.

    “They stayed focused. We talked about strength of schedule and how it prepares us for district,” Wimbish-North said after Tuesday’s 65-47 win over Tuloso-Midway.

    However, East has won its eight games this year by 18.2 points. During its five game win streak the Lady Titans have defeated Goliad by 27 points and the Cherokees by 18 Tuesday night.

    When Wimbish-North praised her team’s attitude Tuesday night, there was little chance she knew about what was transpiring in Indiana.

    However, her words may illustrate the point about character not being revealed in victory.

    “It’s basketball,” Arlington head coach Ebony Jackson told the Indianapolis Star. “You see where you are and go out there and play. I’m not mad. (Bloomington South coach Larry Winters) is running a great program. We’ll go back to the drawing board, and I’ll nurture my players.

    “It’s been a trying season, a tough season, (but) we’ll continue to get better and better. We’re about growth and improvement. That’s where the rewards come. You’ve got to start somewhere, and I’m blessed.”

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