IN THE NEWS: Brother Trouble

    Recently, brothers have been making headlines in the sporting world.

    You may have heard brothers Jim and John Harbaugh are facing one another in the Super Bowl next weekend. You may have also heard brothers Justin and B.J. Upton are now teammates for the Atlanta Braves.

    There are also three brothers currently playing in the NHL, Eric, Marc and Jordan Staal. At the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, Jordan was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes after a couple seasons in Pittsburgh.

    When he was traded, Jordan became teammates with Eric. Marc is a defenseman for the New York Rangers. The three brothers will be on the ice at the same time for three games this season, with the first taking place March 18 in New York.

    Sticking with the NHL-theme, there are also the Sedin brothers, Daniel and Henrick who both play for the Vancouver Canucks.

    The NBA has Marc and Pau Gasol, two Spanish players. Most sports fans know about Pau and his current troubles in Los Angles. His brother, Marc, doesn’t make too many headlines with the Memphis Grizzlies.

    Of course, no siblings and sports article can be written without mention Eli and Peyton Manning.

    There are countless brother-brother siblings throughout sports. Sometimes both are very successful (see the Mannings). Sometimes one is successful and the other isn’t as successful (see the Gasols).

    Sometimes the brothers play against one another and other times they play on the same team.

    I have a younger brother (two years, two months and two days younger) and if I had to compare our athletic careers as brothers to another set of brothers, it’d be the Gasol brothers.

    My brother has always had more success in athletics than me (so, he’s Pau in this scenario) and I never had a lot of success, but I worked hard and earned the respect of all of my teammates and coaches.

    Because of our age difference and our different choices in sports, we never played on the same team much, if at all. I played football, baseball, soccer and some golf. He too played baseball and soccer (briefly), but his best sport was tennis.

    But I don’t think I would’ve minded playing on the same team as him, much in the same way B.J. and Justin Upton are about to.

    I definitely wouldn’t want to play against him though.

    He’s a bad sport when he loses and it would make family dinners awkward.

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